"TST JEB" from Verbatim (2018)
for the RighteousGIRLS
created in collaboration with NeverMind the Noise (composition), Maya Pollack and Nathan Storey Freeman (live poetry)

Verbatim is a collaborative piece consisting of 11 short movements by 11 composers, written for the RighteousGIRLS. It explores the theme of breakdowns, limits of language, and juxtaposition of improvised and notated musical forms. Verbatim was planned along with NYU visual and performance artists Maya Pollack and Nathan Freeman, whose work will convey some of the same themes through visual performance. "TST JEB" is my contribution to Verbatim and runs from 33:30 through 37:45 in the video below. 

At the time of this piece, NeverMind the Noise (formerly known as the Graduate Composer’s Collective/Urban Animals)  was comprised of 11 members from NYU: Nicolas Aguia, Taylor Arnold, Erich Bargainer, Leo Chang, Oliver Hickman, Samn Johnson, Sam Kaseta, Andrew Koss, Damian Ponce de Leon, Toshi Tsuruoka, and Cassie Venaglia. The collective strives to support composers who compose innovative music with a variety of media, through means of experimentation with electronics, chamber music, visual art, live performance, and interdisciplinary projects.