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Group Listening is a facilitative practice for music making among an assemblage of willing players. All the works featured on this page utilize Group Listening to generate music. In these works, I guide players through a process of groupwork that transforms creative stimuli into a structured sound piece through attentive listening, improvisation, co-composition, and verbal discussion. Through Group Listening, I aim to shift the aesthetic focal point of my music making process from the objectified product of the composer’s craft and musicians’ practice, to the iterative and collaborative experience of a communal effort to practice music.

Many of my Group Listening pieces are performed with my ensemble, Consensus. The core experience of any Consensus performance involves members figuring out how to make music together in real-time. The result is a blurring of boundaries between composition and improvisation, rehearsal and performance.

Resident Alien

for 7 to 10 players and 3-channel electronics


for 3 to 8 players and 4-channel electronics

Respond to Troy

Variation I: for 2 to 3 players and 2 channel fixed-media
Variation II: for 4 to 7 players
Variation III: for 8 or more players