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Group Listening is a facilitative practice for making music among an assemblage of willing players. All the projects featured on this page have helped develop what Group Listening is and how it is practiced. Group Listening describes a performance and rehearsal practice that transforms creative prompts into music. Participating in Group Listening projects involve experimenting and engaging with sensory activities, musical play, creation and interpretation of different types of scores, and various ways of communication to influence musical play. Through Group Listening, I aim to shift the focal point of my music making process from the objectified product of the composer’s craft and musicians’ practice, to the iterative and collaborative experience of a communal effort to practice music.

Many of my Group Listening projects were developed and performed with my ensemble, Consensus.

Ear Talk: Sounds Worth Sharing

for 10 to 18 players   

All Out

for 6 to 12 players   

Resident Alien

for 7 to 10 players and 3-channel electronics


for 3 to 8 players and 4-channel electronics

Respond to Troy

in three variations