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Group Listening is a facilitative practice for music making among an assemblage of willing players. All the works featured on this page utilize Group Listening to generate music. In these works, I guide players through a process of groupwork that transforms creative stimuli into a structured sound piece through attentive listening, improvisation, co-composition, and verbal discussion. Through Group Listening, I aim to shift the aesthetic focal point of my music making process from the objectified product of the composer’s craft and musicians’ practice, to the iterative and collaborative experience of a communal effort to practice music.

Many of my Group Listening pieces are performed with my ensemble, Consensus.

All Out

for 6 to 12 players   

Resident Alien

for 7 to 10 players and 3-channel electronics


for 3 to 8 players and 4-channel electronics

Respond to Troy

Variation I: for 2 to 3 players and 2 channel fixed-media
Variation II: for 4 to 7 players
Variation III: for 8 or more players