Ari (2015)
for 2 channel fixed media

Ari was composed with the intention of utilizing β€œthe sounds of a Tenor saxophone to the fullest extent,” as defined by the saxophonist, Ari. From jazz improvisations and key clicks to throat singing into the mouthpiece, the piece was constructed from samples gathered in an hour-long studio session with Ari. The piece starts off with familiar tones and eclectic, but comfortable, sounds. These sounds progress further into the unrecognizable extremes as the authentic signals are processed more and more heavily. Throughout this development, the overpowering growl serves as a unifying theme that announces the introduction of new themes. The final recapitulation reiterates the sound of jazz improvisations, but in an exaggerated, reverberant space. This familiar theme is further disrupted by micro-pitch adjustments made to the main melody. The recapitulation reminds the listener of the main source of all sounds produced in this piece.

Ari was premiered during the 2015 Root Signals Electronic Music Festival at Jacksonville University